How Not To Annoy Your Cat – Part Two

how not to annoy your cat

In the first part of this post, we talked about some of the should’s and shouldn’ts of how not to annoy your cat, such as not leaving them alone, regularly cleaning their litter box, not feeding them spoiled food and petting them with measure.

Now let’s find out some more tips for making living with a cat as easy and fun as possible.

How Not To Annoy Your Cat

After learning and applying the basics in living with a cat, it’s time for some more tips.

Make Administering Pills a Little More Enjoyable

Let’s face it. All of us catch colds or infections now and then and need to take medication. And our little furry friends, the cats, make no exception. But while we can get over the fact that taking pills isn’t pretty and can force ourselves to do it, cats won’t. They might foam at the mouth or spit the pill right back out.

That’s why it’s important that you make their experience with medication a little bit less bad. First, get your cat used to being handled by her face and mouth, because that may be needed for giving her the necessary pills. Use treats to make her associate the experience with something enjoyable.

If your cat doesn’t want to take pills, you can hide them in her food. There are lots of options for nice little treats with pockets for administering pills. So she’ll go for the treat without knowing about the yucky tasting pill inside.

Don’t Make Loud Noises

Cats hate loud noises. No matter if it’s thunderstorms, fireworks or just you repairing something inside your home, cats will get stressed out when they hear loud noises. And living in an environment where loud noises are a constant will only have bad consequences for your kitty’s health, including depression, hair loss and aggression.

So try to keep your little furry friend in a quiet and safe space as much as possible and limit her exposure to loud noises. And yeah, playing loud music counts as a bad experience for your cat. Remember that cats hear a lot better than we do? Well, think about that next time when you’re cranking up the volume.

Don’t Make Her Jealous

You probably know by now that cats are territorial creatures and they will fight for space, food, toys and even their owner’s attention. If you have more than one cat, jealousy might be part of their life, especially when it comes to the attention you give them. So make sure you offer your furry little friends the same amount of time, care and attention, and don’t favor one to the detriment of the other.

In general, try to pay attention to the the signals your furry little friend will give away, including sounds or body language, as you’ll find out a lot of clues about what they like and what they dislike. Respect those and all will be fine.