The Best Cat Brush For Grooming Your Cat

cat is calmly enjoying being brushed

As cute as they look, cats have to carry the burden of grooming themselves. They do not just sit around waiting for you with your brush. Those who understand the art of beauty know that it is a 254-hour endeavor. This is the reason why cats have to keep on scratching and licking to keep their looks perfect. Even so, you still have the responsibility of grooming your cat. On her own, she can only do so much to ensure that she looks presentable. You are the one responsible for treating her skin, trimming her coat and keep her clean. It is common knowledge that cats do not like being kept dirty. Therefore, prepare yourself by gathering all the necessary tools to groom your cat.

The most important tool when it comes to cat grooming is the cat brush. A cat brush should be able to straighten the fur, get hold of falling of fur, and get rid of dust and dander within the coat. Most importantly a good brush should not cause pain to the cat during brushing. Cat brushes are diverse in nature. The brush you chose to use on your cat depends on the type of cat. Long coated cats may not use the same brush as those with short coats. There are also electric brushes that are designed to automate the cleaning process. When shopping for a cat brush, think about the type of fur you are going to brush. In this post, we are going to look at the best cat brush options you can buy for your cat. However, before we look at specific cat brushes, let’s explore the available types of cat brushes.


Types Of Best Cat Brushes

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are usually curved with long thin teeth. They are best suited for cats with medium to long fur. The upside of slicker brushes is that they do not stick in long hair when you brush. They are suited for removing dander and dirt and can perfectly hold on to long loose hairs. They are also perfect for controlling matting. There are many models of slicker brushes online with different custom features to choose from. Use customer reviews to settle on the best slicker brush.



The matbreakers are long and slender brushes with long blades instead of teeth. They are perfect for long coated cats and are known as matbreakers because they are essential for matting. They can be used to remove mats without causing damage to the rest of the coat. While they are very effective with long coat cats, they do not work well for short coat cats. They are also very good at picking hairs and fur from the coat.


Dual-Sided Brush

Dual-sided brushes come in different designs. They are perfect for both short and long coated cats. In most cases, dual-sided brushes have a fine brush on one side and a bristle thin teeth brush on the other. The fine brush is used to do touchups after the initial brushing with the bristle brush. Dual-sided brushes are good for brushing and spreading ointment within the coat. To enjoy the benefits of this brush, you must use both sides effectively.


Mitt Brush

Mitt brushes are among the most popular among pet owners. They are made of rubber or vinyl gloves with a toothed side. The gloves or mitten can be worn on your hand comfortably allowing you to brush your cat with ease. The mitt brushes are more comfortable and unique in that they more tailored to petting the cat than grooming. They make the burden of grooming more fun and interesting. They usually have short and soft teeth that are ideal for dirt, dander, and hair capturing. They also offer a soothing sensation to the cat. They are less likely to cause pain to the cat as compared to the other types of cat brushes. Although ideal for short coat, they can be used on long and medium coats as well.


Shedding Comb

As the name suggests, shedding combs are designed for shedding breeds. They are usually designed for poodle dogs but are also very effective for cats. They usually have widely spread thin teeth that are ideal for long coats. They are very effective in the removal of dead hair and tangles. There are different designs of shedding combs. Some shedding combs have their teeth much closer and are used for coats of all types.


Shedding Blade

Shading blades are rake-like combs that are used to pull out dirt and dander. Shedding blades are ideal for all types of coats. They are time-saving since they have a large surface area and can quickly freshen up the coat. They are also good for petting purposes. There are different types of shedding blades on the market to choose from.



Furminators are special types of shedding blades that help in the removal of top and undercoat. They are also very effective in removing dirt and dander. Furminators are more reliable since they are electric-powered. They can do the job done by other combs in a fraction of the time needed.


Our Best Cat Brush Choices

After fastidious research and detailed comparison between different cat brushes, we came up with a list of the best cat brush choices on Amazon. These brushes are selected on merit. They are the best according to their features, customer experiences, and their durability.


The FURminator de Shedding Tool

best cat brush FURminator deShedding ToolThe FURminator is, without a doubt, the best cat grooming tool you will find out there. It stands out because of its ability to capture dirt, dander, and hairs without much effort. There are many FURminator tools on Amazon but the de-shedding tool stands out among users.

The FURminator de shedding tool is ideal for the removal of hairballs. The one undoing of natural cat grooming is the formation of hairballs. The FURminator helps in removing loose hairs and getting rid of hairballs. The FURminator is also a good tool for reducing shedding.

The FURminator is easy to use since it comes with a comfortable ergonomic handle. The handle is comfortable with soft plastic padding to enhance your grip. Most importantly, this grooming tool also comes with two versions of hair trimmers for long and short coats. The FURminator de shedding tool stands out as the favorite among users on Amazon. It boasts of over 7000 reviews with a rating of 4.7. It is hailed for its ability to reduce shedding by up to 90%.

Pros of the FURminator de Shedding Tool

The FURminator comes with an ergonomic handle, it has a stainless steel shedding edge, comes with double shedding edges for different coat sizes, and reduces shedding by 90%.

Cons of the FURminator de Shedding Tool

May cause irritation to cats with sensitive skins.


The GoPets Dematting Comb

GoPets Dematting CombMatting is a big problem for most self-grooming cats. The GoPets Dematting comb is designed to solve the matting problem. It works gently through the mats capturing loose hairs and straightening the coat. This comb is good for shedding cats as it can reduce shedding by up to 70%. The brush should be used regularly to help reduce shedding and matting. These problems are common among medium to long coated cats. Therefore, this brush is ideal for long and medium coat cats. Since it is designed for dematting, the GoPet comb features widely spread gently curving teeth that are effective in untangling hairs.

The brush is double sided for professional purposes. One side features widely spread 12 teeth while the other side features closely spaced 23 teeth. Both sides can be used for grooming. The 12 teeth comb works as the initial treatment to tangled mats. The closely spaced 23 teeth comb works perfectly for final touch ups.

With a rating of 4.4 and more than 2500 reviews on Amazon, it is clear that users enjoy the services provided by this comb. It is loved due to its dematting feature. Customers hail this comb since it digs deep into the fur- helping remove loose hairs dirt and dander.

Pros of GoPets Dematting Comb

It is designed for professional use with two sides. Each side plays a specific role in ensuring that the cat fur remains clear and flawless. It also has blunt teeth for comfortable brushing. It comes with an ergonomic soft grip handle for comfortable brushing.

Cons of GoPets Dematting Comb

May pull very tangled or matted hairs out. It also has blunt teeth that may not penetrate too deep into the fur.


The KONG Zoom Groom

KONG Cat Zoom Groom used on catThe KONG Zoom comb is designed for massaging and grooming. This comb is made from soft rubber with teeth made of the same material. The teeth are very flexible and effective in the removal of loose fur, dirt, and dander. The KONG Zoom comb is unique in that it gives your cat gentle massages during grooming. This is a feature that makes it stand out among most cat brushes. Unlike steel teeth cat brushes that cause irritation, the KONG Zoom causes pleasure to the cat. The massage also helps stimulate the production of natural oils on the skin hence giving your cat a streamlined shiny coat.

This brush comes in many designs including a cute cat-shaped soft rubber one. It is very comfortable in the hand since the handle is made of the same soft rubber material. Despite the fact that it is made from soft rubber, the KONG Zoom is also very durable.

The KONG Zoom boasts of 1500 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.4. It also enjoys plenty of positive reviews. Customers love it because it does not cause irritation and gets the work done effectively.

Pros of KONG Zoom Groom

Made from a soft rubber material that does not cause irritation to the cat. It helps keep the cat comfortable during grooming and is also durable.

Cons of KONG Zoom Groom

It is not as effective as other brushes in the removal of hairs and hairballs.


Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker

Safari Cat Self Cleaning Slicker BrushThis is a slicker brush that is tailored for medium to long coat cats. The Safari Cat Self Cleaning slicker brush is as effective as its name sounds. It naturally cleans itself removing any dirt and hairs that stick within. It boasts of a wide head and thin teeth that are effective in removing hairs and dander from the coat.

This brush is also very good at removing loose hairs hence reducing shedding. It can reduce shedding in all types of cat coats. This brush has a comfortable rubber grip handle that helps make the work of grooming easier. You can always use the self-cleaning feature to empty the brush when it fills up with fur. The pins on the brush are curved to help reduce pulling and help maximize hair removal.

The brush has a rating of 4.3 on Amazon with over 2000 reviews. It is among the top choices for cat owners. All the positive reviews show that the self-cleaning brush works perfectly on most cats.

Pros of Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker

The fact that it has strong stainless steel pins with a curved head maximizes fur removal. It is also self-cleaning and has a comfortable rubber grip handle.

Cons of Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker

Like most cat brushes, it may cause irritation due to the movement of the pins against the cat’s skin. It does not work very well for short-haired cats.


The Catit Grooming Kit

Catit 2.0 Long Hair Grooming Kit Elements as top cat brushes This is a grooming kit and it includes more than just a single brush. It includes various grooming tools to help make the work easier. The good news is that you can use this tool to handle a cat of any coat size. It can handle hair messes including tangles, hairball, and mats. Although designed for long haired cats, the kit has many tools including combs and brushes that can handle medium and short hair cats. It comes with enough hair collection space for a household with more than one cat.

With a rating of over 4.7 on Amazon and over 1000 reviews, this is definitely among the best grooming tools you can buy for your cat.

Pros of Catit Grooming Kit

It comes with several tools including a version for short and long-haired cats. It has brushes tailored for tangled hairs and hairball removal. It is also very effective in dander and dirt removal, with specific tools tailored for that purpose.

Cons of Catit Grooming Kit

The tools must be purchased together, this makes it more expensive.


Conclusion About Best Cat Brushes

As much as cats can handle grooming on their own, you need to do your part. Cats can help clean their fur but they can also cause the formation of hairballs and tangles. You need to pick the best brush for your cat to help reduce matting, shedding and enhance dirt removal. The brushes on this list are among the best available online.