About us

About You

You’re a cat lover and we know it. That’s why you’re here. Because you’re curious to find out more about cats and their mysterious abilities, about why they do what they do and how, and get real-life actionable tips on how to better understand, train and keep your adorable little feline friend happy, healthy and content.

About Us

We’re also very curious about cats so we decided to be that friend who does the research and digs up for more information, clarifies it, puts it all together into short, useful and easy to comprehend posts and then shares it with the world. We’re the go-to-friend when it comes to cat knowledge. We’re here to help you work towards a better relationship with your little furry friend, and create a more comfortable home for him.

About Cats.How

At Cats.How we believe in cats and their extraordinary abilities. We believe that cats are not it, but they are who. They are our friends. Little, furry and funny. We’re in love with them, we care about them, we live with them and we want to know everything about them.

That’s why we dedicated Cats.How to you and all the present and future cat owners and cat lovers out there and we strive to provide you with curated quality and useful content every week.

So join us and find out more about cats and their ways.