Author - Andreea Sanchez

I got 2 Maine Coons and I'm happy.

can cats eat insects
Feeding Miscellaneous

Can Cats Eat Insects

Cats are natural born hunters. Equipped with sharp sight and hearing senses and hard-wired to detect the slightest motion, cats love to pursue...

can cats drink almond milk

Can Cats Drink Almond Milk

Cats are known for their love of milk. And we are known for our love of cats and the care we give to them, including feeding them some tasty milk...

how to destress your cat

How To Destress Your Cat

When we talk about stress, we talk about people without even thinking that humans aren’t the only creatures on this earth who can be stressed...

can cats eat almonds

Can Cats Eat Almonds

As good caring cat owners, we pretty much share everything with our furry little friends, from our bed to food and occasional treats. One of these...

can cats eat aloe plants
Diseases Feeding

Can Cats Eat Aloe Plants

We all know how curious cats can be. They will take any opportunity to explore every corner of our houses and nibble whatever they find interesting...

can cats eat fish

Can Cats Eat Fish

Cats and fish. This is a combination that doesn’t make any sense when you think about it. One of the foods most of us feed to our cats is fish...

can cats eat bones

Can Cats Eat Bones

Everyone knows how much dogs love to chew on bones. They do that with every chance that they get. However, dogs aren’t the only ones, as cats...

can cats eat chocolate

Can Cats Eat Chocolate

It’s very unlikely that your cat will break into your sweets cabinet and devour all the chocolate you stashed there for special occasions like...